Excerpts from my eBook: Fight for Life (available @Amazon for Kindle globally & Google Play Books)

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A Note from the Author…

This book describes how accidentally at the age of 25, during a routine checkup I discover that I suffer from a near fatal disease without a cure. How it affects me mentally to know that I may not live long. How I choose to initially live in denial but then fight it out, making some avoidable mistakes on the way. Eventually in spite of a near death situation, I do conquer the disease to get back to a normal life with good health by the age of 39. The book traverses my journey in these fateful 14 years, where I did not let the disease affect my career or daily life. It talks about my trials and tribulations and the highs and the lows in my fight for life

My book – “Fight for Life: My Journey from a Fatal Disease to Good Health” is now available for Kindle on Amazon.

The link for India is : http://www.amazon.in/dp/B014YFEFES

The link for US is : http://amzn.com/B014YFEFES

The link for UK is : http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014YFEFES

The Book is also available on Google Play Books :


This is my first published book and is autobiographical in nature. I would really look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

 Feel free to write to me shantanu@therecruiters.net or leave your precious comments and feedback here…

15 thoughts on “Excerpts from my eBook: Fight for Life (available @Amazon for Kindle globally & Google Play Books)

  1. Its a gud book for people looking for inspiration of coming out of such tough medical situations .Shantanu has shared his worst period of his life… his fight,how he overcame dat tough period.his book is a perfect example of how your strong will power can help you to fight against anything.
    your will to fight, the struggles and triumphs that make you who you are today.
    fighter for sure:-)

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  2. Its inspirational book . One should read it to know how life can still become lively and happening inspite of tough time we face in our life .
    Life is all about how we see .. this is prefect book that tell us how one can overcome the tough situation with a smile.
    Fight for Life is definitely gonna be an example for all those who has lost hope from their life.

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  3. My Journey from a Fatal Disease to Good Health: Fight for Life, the author’s personal journey in his own words, is overwhelming and inspiring at the same time. The autobiography beautifully captures his different reactions and emotional turmoil after hearing of the life threatening disease. His initial period of denial and how he tries to cover it up with work and doing different things; trying different alternative therapies to find solace in difficult times; then acceptance of the condition; the treatment stage and finally leading a near to normal life are all written about in detail in the different chapters. The book can certainly motivate people who encounter terminal diseases or face near to death situations. It will help them deal with their difficult circumstances and live life to the fullest. I admire Shantanu’s grit and how he overcame all the challenges by fighting it out.


  4. I just got your book yesterday and have finished it already. I just couldn’t put it down! I knew the result but it was the journey that you took that interested me. I am in end stage kidney failure and found your story very encouraging. You also shared your sister’s experience which shows me that not everyone will be the same. I think it you are very brave and it is refreshing to hear such honest sharing from a male. Thank you so much. I will share the name of your book with other patients and family members.


  5. I had the good fortune to read this book..to say that it is inspirational is an understatement…one realises that most of the time we are only making mountains out of molehills… it’s an honest , brave,humble and endearing real life story of struggle and victory… it’s written in a very simple lucid manner which makes it a quick easy read… the reader will want to read it in one go and will be unable to put it down till finished…will make a great read for patients, their family members and also all of humanity…more power to the author and his words…may they touch every heart far and near…hail the human will!

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  6. The experience of reading ‘Fight for Life’ was like a transition from agony to triumph. Written in a simple, colloquial, conversational style, it becomes difficult to put down. The author has expressed even the most difficult emotional experiences in an easy communicative manner.
    The author’s journey in the book from denial to acceptance and then finally the fight for his life, holds the readers attention till the end. The positive mental strength of the author is evident in the narrative as there has been no cynical, contemptuous expressions even in the most challenging situations. The book is very inspirational as it exemplifies the triumph of the human spirit.

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  7. Fight for life : A very inspirational book for everyone stating that life can be really difficult sometime with no light ahead but then one should keep the positivity high that he can achieve anything. I specially thank the author to pen down his experience as it will really help the drastically increasing number of patients of this fatal disease who really lose hope after so many dialysis sessions. A salute to the fighters and survivors. All the best to everyone fighting with their own struggles in life.

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